College students should learn to cook to save money

College students are busy studying, socializing and downloading the latest app. 

Setting aside time to cook should be in that schedule. 

Students that dorm on a college campus regularly depend on one or more different cafeterias on a campus, some for all three meals a day. 

That is expensive. 

Buying lunch at a college campus consisting of one main course, a salad or side dish and a beverage can cost more than $10 if the price is based on the weight of the food. That price did not include dessert. 

Students create holes in their pockets already from paying for tuition, books, rent and televisions.

It is time to go to the grocery store. 

With the $10 that would have been spent on lunch at campus could go towards cereal, eggs, bread, fruit, vegetables and granola bars.

The food from the grocery store could last up to a week. The lunch from campus wouldn’t last 10 minutes. 

It is time to create one less hole in a pocket of a college student; make that trip to the grocery store instead of the cafeteria in the student union building. 


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