Subway’s Jared lost his weight while he was in college

Jared Fogle’s story is familiar to many .

He lost an incredible amount of weight eating sandwiches from Subway.

We have all seen his old jeans. We have all heard what Subway did for him. We have smelled the delicious wheat bread every time we step into a Subway.

What some didn’t know was that he was a typical college student when he lost his weight.

Maybe that’s because he looked older before he lost 245 pounds.

Jared is not only a success story for the entire country, but for college students. It has been 15 years since he lost the weight, but I’m surprised more college student are not following in his footsteps.

Not every college student has strong motivation to lose weight; I still haven’t been able to keep motivation consistent.

Jared lost his weight because he was told he could be dead before he was 30; he had the best motivation anyone can have when working to lose weight.

Not all students need to lose as much weight as Jared did, but some could stand to lose a pound or two.

“While a student at Indiana University and living above a Subway, he found a solution by eating a six-inch turkey sandwich for lunch and a foot-long veggie delight for dinner. The key was no mayo, oils or cheese; just fresh vegetables and baked chips or pretzels,” (Erbacher).

It sounds simple: “no mayo, oils or cheese, just fresh vegetables and baked chips or pretzels.”

But it’s not.

Jared lived above a Subway; it was one of the most convenient places for him to go.

Many students do not have that luxury. Sometimes the most readily available food on-the-go is not a healthy choice.

Buying food from a grocery store takes more effort and planning. A student needs to have a battle plan of when to go to the grocery store, what to buy and when to make the food they buy. It is one of the most challenging things for a college student because they have to balance grocery shopping and eating healthy with homework, work, school activities and time for significant others.

As hard as it is, Jared managed to do it.

Keep showing us those old jeans Jared, some of us are still waiting to be inspired again by you.


Erbacher quote:




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