MyPlate is the new food pyramid



In 2011, the food pyramid that many Americans knew from elementary school nutritional education was replaces my the MyPlate program. 

Is there a difference? 

Instead of the recommended daily fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy portions of the food pyramid; MyPlate targets one meal instead of an entire day. 

MyPlate recommends 30 percent grains, 30 percent vegatables, 20 percent fruits, 20 percents protein and some kind of dairy product. 

Does this guideline make eating healthier easier? 

It recommends what should be part of an intake for each meal. 

As easy as it sounds, who eats vegetables for breakfast? Not me!

Some of these changes are easier read than done. 

On the bright side, the MyPlate website has online recommendations that seem easier to access than what the food pyramid had; I couldn’t get much info on advice on what to eat from the food pyramid in 1999. 

MyPlate has daily tips, recipes that incorporate the portions of the different food groups and even has a section for college students. 

Eating healthy just got easier with the advancement of technology and the change in the food guidelines that are recommended for meal-to-meal food consumption.


One thought on “MyPlate is the new food pyramid

  1. There are loads of scientists and nutritionist that say that the pyramid and myplate is the root cause of our health problems. The huge proportion given over to grains is unjustified given that grains offer nothing that isn’t in regular fruit and veg.

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