Study: college students who communicate with their parents exercise more and eat better



A new study from Penn State University tested 746 college freshmen to see if eating healthy and exercising and communication with parents were connected. 

They were. 

“When students communicated with their parents for 30 minutes of more, they were 14 percent more likely to consume fruits and vegetables and 50 percent more likely to engage in 30 minutes or more of physical activity,” (Bachai). 

This does not seem surprising. 

Parental advice usually results in their children, even at college ages, to live healthier and better. Unless parents give bad parental advice. 

Even though their is no direct evidence that the parents of those 746 freshmen played a direct role in the increases in eating fruits and vegetables and exercising, I would not be surprised if the parents did play a role in their college-aged kids living healthier.

Parents are there to help us stay on the right track; whether that is studying more, taking a break from studying too much or eating healthier and exercising more. 

Did all the parents of these 746 college students inspire all the kids? Maybe, maybe not. 

This study made me realize something that I didn’t think had a connection to eating right and exercising regularly: parents. 

They are here to inspire us, more than many of us think. 



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